How to look at marital status of VKontakte

How to look at marital status of VKontakte

Today VKontakte is the most popular social network in the territory of the CIS countries and the number of its users is not limited to one million. It is already not just the website on which once a month the people dismiss the ideas and the statuses, and full display of their life. There is about people practically everything. What they think of where they work with whom are on friendly terms where they are. They tell the whole world (all friends) that they do and with whom we communicate. And it is interesting to all, than there live their friends and acquaintances. What are interested in with whom communicate whom meet.


1. But if you only began to use this social network, then you still should learn much in process. For example, to how to browse marital status of VKontakte. If at the person interesting you the page is completely open, then it is rather simple to look at the top of the page in the main information. Marital status costs in the graph of the main information after date of birth and the hometown.

2. That any given status in marital status clear means at once. Nevertheless, if in the graph it appears: "is married/is married", it means that the user interesting you or actually married, or considers that he has strong relations and it is possible to call safely "soulmate" the husband or the wife. In the graph can stand also "meets", "is in love/fallen in love", "there is a friend/girlfriend", "is affianced/is affianced", "everything is difficult". They point that the person has relations developing in one way or another about which he also reports to other members of social network. Also that the person is free, or is rather free, tell such statuses in marital status as "in active search" and "she is not married".

3. In certain cases you will see a name of that with whom this person in the relations consists near the status of marital status. Sometimes it can be as the mutual status, and is not present. In other words, to notify on the relations maybe one of couple while another will have other status. This function, by the way, appeared only recently and still it was some time ago possible to put information that you in the relations with somebody only together.

4. But there are also such cases when at the personality interesting you such privacy settings are exposed that you cannot see information interesting you. But, really nothing can be made with it? It is actually possible thanks to old cunnings. Actually, it not the only thing that can be browsed thus.

5. For this purpose visit the website of developers or The password and the login same, as well as on vkontakte. And via these websites you will be able already to look at any information interesting you including marital status.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team