How to look at the closed gifts

How to look at the closed gifts

The social network "VKontakte" is one of the most popular in Russia, its audience exceeds 35 million people. Users have a set of opportunities for communication, creation of groups, can place on the pages photos and videos. The user can sometimes have a desire to look at the page closed for access.

It is required to you

  • - Internet access.


1. It is necessary to understand that cracking of someone else's account, any attempt of illegal access are illegal acts. At the same time, what is not forbidden is authorized. If the user did not close any materials and they are available upon transition according to the corresponding link, nobody has the right to make you any complaint.

2. On social network "VKontakte" it is possible to view the data closed from public eyes only if access directly to the homepage of the account of the user, but not to the placed materials is blocked. If the ban on viewing separate folders is enabled, to get legal access to the materials which are stored in them it will not turn out.

3. To have an opportunity to look at photos, video, the notes and gifts which are on the closed page learn its ID (unique number). For this purpose at first enter into service under the credentials, then open the necessary account and after the warning that its owner limited access rights appears, pay attention to a line at the top of a window. There you will see approximately such inscription: where instead of 12345678 there will be ID of the user necessary to you.

4. Define that you want to see on its page. If you have to look at gifts, enter in an address bar of where instead of ID it is necessary to substitute digits of ID of the user. For sending a gift to the person with the closed page type

5. To look at a photo album, you need the link Pass according to it, having replaced ID with real digital ID of the user, and you will see photos on its page.

6. For viewing videos it is necessary to gather in an address bar of the browser, having replaced besides ID with the digital code of the account of the user.

7. You will be able to look at notes, having followed the link For viewing notes type

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