How to look at the last pages

How to look at the last pages

Sometimes, that by information search in network the page with the necessary data is closed by mistake, accidentally having mixed or not having noticed. And then it is necessary to spend a lot of time again to find the desirable. Or it is required to remember visited yesterday, week or a month ago pages. In each of browsers there is a system of history of visits. Having opened it, you will easily find the required references.


1. Start Google Chrome if you use this program for work with the Internet. Find an image button of the stylized wrench in the upper right corner of a window and left-click it. There will be a list of the menu, in it there is an inscription "History". Left-click on this line. The new tab of the browser in which all resources and pages visited lately will be listed will open. Additional convenience is that time of visit of any given website is specified. In the lower part of the page there are links of navigation designated "Earlier" and "Later". Use these references to view the last pages.

2. Open Opera. In the latest version with number 11.60 the main menu of this program significantly changed and it became more difficult to find some control buttons. Left-click on a logo of red color in the upper left corner of the screen. Select a line from a drop-down menu "History". The new bookmark with the list of the visited sites in the form of folders with the names "Today", "Yesterday", " Last Week" will open. Click on an icon in the form of plus to deploy the detailed list and to find the necessary pages.

3. Left-click the Log menu in a top line of the menu of the Mozilla Firefox browser. Select the first item "Show All Log". The window from two parts will open: there will be categories as prescription at the left, and on the right — the list of the visited sites. Select the necessary time frame in the left part and scroll the list in the right half of a window.

4. Start the Internet Explorer browser. Click on the Alt keyboard that control menus this program appeared. Left-click according to the View menu and select a line of "The panel of the observer". There will be a submenu in which click the Log point. In the left part of the page there will be a list of the visited pages grouped in date. Click on the link to the period necessary to you to look at the corresponding pages.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team