How to look for people by mail

If the name and a surname of the person are known, and according to these data it is necessary to find the address of its e-mail, it is possible to use the different receptions allowing to achieve success.


1. Contact popular social networks, such as "My world", "Schoolmates", VKontakte, etc. For search implementation you will need to register on the website. Perhaps, the person interesting you is the registered user any of such networks. However there is no absolute guarantee that on one of the listed resources it provided the data in open form interesting you, no, as well as similar confidence in the return.

2. Visit the My Circle Internet resource and to it similar. There the e-mail address - an indispensable condition for implementation of communication with other users.

3. Make attempt to find the e-mail address of the person by means of the program search engine. Enter data known to you, carry out search. If the wanted person somewhere on the Internet spread a contact information for open access, they will become known to you.

4. If the above councils did not yield result, but you know where the person interesting you studied, try to contact on the website of this educational institution, the section "Our Graduates of Different Years". Some people provide the contact information there.

5. If the person for whose e-mail you search still studies in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION, apply for information in dean's office. If it already works, and you know in what organization, try to learn the e-mail address in personnel department. Motivate the interest with urgent need for transfer of important material.

6. Ask the person whose address you look for, to send you the e-mail, in this case its e-mail will be visible in a window of your email client. This option is convenient if you have other ways for communication, but it is not possible to ask e-mail directly for any reasons (for example, the girl who was pleasant to you).

7. If the person whose e-mail address interests you is an official, perhaps, it has a personal website with information necessary to you in the section "Contacts".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team