How to look for people on Yandex

How to look for people on Yandex

In old advertizing of the project of Yandex it was said that there will be everything. Many are able look for the websites, events and other information, but here search of specific people causes from time to time some difficulties.

It is required to you

  • The computer with Internet access.


1. Enter as much as possible information on the person into the search engine: name, surname, date of birth. If the required person is rather known, then in search results there will be article in Wikipedia, and in it you will be able already to find contact of the necessary person. If the person is registered on social networks, then perhaps there will be a link to its page through which you will be able to contact him too.

2. Gather one of social networks to which you have access to a line of the searcher and there be engaged in finding of the specific person. On such websites usually there is an internal search therefore, knowing or assuming that the person necessary to you has the account in social network, you without any problem will be able to find the person. It is desirable, of course, and in this case the nobility some for information on the required person.

3. Use different electronic archives, references to which can be found in Yandex, the specialized websites which meaning is the help in search of people or in finding of any information on them. To come to such resources, it is necessary to follow in the Yandex directory the link "Search of People". On the websites it is enough to register and you get access to the necessary information.

4. Find phonebooks of the necessary city in Yandex. Of course, 100% of information on phone numbers and persons do not get to the Internet, but it is possible to find something. If you will be lucky, then you are able to find not only the phone number of the person, but also its address.

5. Enter in the search string of the address of specialized social networks. To find the colleague or the person with whom had together a rest in the foreign resort there are special websites. Register there and carry out search in social network.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team