"How to look what interesting is on the Internet"

"How to look what interesting is on the Internet"

Sometimes, that the user wishes to find interesting information in the Internet, but does not know what. In this case it is rational to use not search engines, but collections of links. They can be located both on the specialized websites, and in appropriate sections of thematic resources.


1. Do not acquire in newsstands reference books with loud names, for example, "The guide to the Internet". As a rule, in them it is told about large web resources which are already known to experienced users. And if you did not become that yet, you will be able to learn about these websites and from friends and acquaintances.

2. Pass to any website on the subject interesting you and find on it the section under the name "References" (if language of a resource is English, this section can carry the name ""Links""). You will find information on other websites of the same subject and also on resources in it on other subjects which just were pleasant to a saytovladelets. Also do not forget that on many of them there are also sections with links.

3. Use the specialized websites representing large collections of links. Some of them are provided below. Having passed to any of them, in the beginning select the section (and in it - the subsection if in the directory there is such opportunity), and then look through the list of the websites provided in it and visit those from them which interested you. And if the interesting resource which is not in the directory yet is known to you, it can be placed there, having followed the link "Add the Website" or similar. If it will be pleasant to the moderator, the reference to it will be soon added in the list.

4. There are news websites designed for filling by users. Links to some of them are also given below. The subject of the news placed on them is much broader lit on radio and television, and generally concerns the fields of science and technology. Sometimes visitors of such websites add stories about own experience instead of news. Select the desirable section on such website and start reading the materials placed in it.

5. Being on the website of any viki-project, click on the link under the name "Accidental Article" or ""Random article"". If the material loaded as a result did not interest you, continue to click on this link until on the screen there is no article interesting to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team