How to lower a ping in games

How to lower a ping in games

Ping is a delay time of a signal when it reaches the server and back. The ping is less, the quicker movements and actions of the player are transferred to the server. Respectively, to derive pleasure from games in which reaction speed is required it is necessary to lower a ping so as far as it is possible. For this purpose there are several ways. Each of them is capable to have considerable impact on a ping, but use all of them at the same time is desirable.


1. Turn off all operating loadings, switch off a torrent and Internet-browser. If you fill the canal with the entering and outbound traffic, at you very high ping can be observed while if you turn off any use of the channel of Internet access, then your ping will accept the minimum value from possible.

2. Disconnect the programs existing in the background or started along with the game. A set of processes which are carried out at the same time can significantly slow down system operation that can increase a ping in a game. If you lack resources, then disconnect the conductor through a task manager during the game, and after end start again. Disconnect as those processes which you started, and those which go now in the background, but are not necessary to you.

3. If above-mentioned ways do not help, lower system requirements of a game. If you put too high system requirements in a configuration, then you can observe a high ping because the computer does not cope with the loading assigned to it. Expose the minimum requirements and gradually increase them, in parallel monitoring changes of a ping. Often the main reason for the fact that the computer does not cope - the weak video card therefore pay special attention to settings of a configuration of video.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team