How to make a background for the diary

How to make a background for the diary

It is logical that some owners of web blogs want not only to have qualitative content, but also beautiful design. However not always it turns out to make a good background of the blog, and it is necessary to use standard. Actually to create a background for the diary not so difficult as can seem.

It is required to you

  • Adobe Photoshop


1. Make a translucent background. Download and install Adobe Photoshop. If it is available for you, just open the new document and set in the Transparency parameters. Select "Filling" from options which are available at your disposal and fill in the document. Adjust transparency level by means of the Opacity function. Save the file with the PNG extension.

2. Make a translucent background for the diary by means of the ready image. Copy the picture which you want to place for a background and insert into the open transparent document. The above-mentioned Opacity function adjust transparency level. Save as the PNG file.

3. Create a background in a cage for the diary. Take any picture from which you want to have colors as a background of the diary. It is necessary to work, certainly, with the image besides in Adobe Photoshop.

4. Select in the tools "Horizontal Selection" and click in any place of the picture. Click "Edit", in the appeared menu – "Define a Pattern". Create the new drawing.

5. Find the Filling tool and in its properties select "Pattern". Further click on the saved drawing and receive filling. Duplicate a layer: in the menu click "Layer", further "Create the duplicate of a layer". Make transformation by 90 degrees (not very well in what party). Put transparency of the second layer of 50%. Reduce preparations and receive a background.

6. Use a ready background for the diary. If, you do not want to bother with creation of difficult patterns, and just you want to make beautiful filling, then itself can facilitate a task. Select a background from the preparations presented on the draft of the diary and use it in the blog.

7. Find floating around the Internet that image which you would like to have at yourself in the diary if the standard background does not suit you. Further, whenever possible process it in Adobe Photoshop (change of the sizes, a scrap of the image, a small game with a color gamma) and fill in the received picture as a background of the diary.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team