How to make a bookmark

How to make a bookmark

For work with multipage documents in Word often it is required from the table of contents (contents), for example, of the thesis, to get on demanded for adjustment or specifications undressed. When such document consists of ten sheets, particular problems with search of the necessary part of the text do not arise and when pages more than 100 not to do without bookmark.

To make a bookmark, it is necessary to place the cursor on that place to which it is necessary to refer from the table of contents or the contents. Perhaps, the binding to them will also not be required, and bookmarks are necessary for introduction of specifications, but an algorithm of create actions of bookmarks the general for any cases.

At first it is necessary to select with a mouse a part of the text to which it will be necessary to return. Then on the toolbar above to select the Insert tab and to activate the Bookmark command. In a dialog box the created bookmark needs to think up a name. But it is necessary to remember that it is necessary to create a bookmark so that it brought the user to the certain place in the text designated by the cursor. Therefore the name is better to assign it which will capture the essence of the paragraph or the expressed thought. It is possible to assign names or numbering of heads (sections) of the text. We assign a name and we click "Add".

After the bookmark is created, she needs to be tied to the table of contents, is more right to that point from which by clicking mice there will be a transition to the required place in the text, for example: Chapter 4. For this purpose we select with the cursor in the table of contents the necessary point and on the toolbar we select "Insert". Then we activate the Hyperlink command and in the opened window on the left side we direct a mouse at the Connect with the Place in the Document button. On the right there is an active window which is called "Select the place in the document". In this window the bookmark made earlier to which assigned a name is located. We select necessary (if they are made a little) and we click OK.

As you can see, it is not difficult to make a bookmark in the Word document at all. The created bookmarks in the table of contents have an appearance of Internet links, and are highlighted in blue color so it is visually easy to define them. Clicking any given chapter, the user will be automatically postponed for the necessary page of the text where the bookmark is installed.

If to the table of contents there is no need to become attached, then to go to the created bookmarks on the toolbar activate the acquaintance already the Insert bookmark. We choose the Bookmark command. In the opened window all bookmarks created earlier in this text are visible. We click the mouse button necessary and automatically we get on the page of the document where it is. Besides, in the same window it is possible to add new bookmarks.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team