How to make a cool avatar

How to make a cool avatar

Make an avatar for the forum/website/blog not really difficult. For creation of it there is a mass of options. It is possible to make an avatar by means of saving the image (screenshot) or the graphics editor.


1. The easiest way create an avatar is "photograph" the screen. For example, the moment from the movie or a game. To create the similar image, it is enough to click at the right time the Print Screen key or Prt Scr SysRq (such name is normal on the keyboard). Then the image automatically gets to a clipboard. To get it from there, it is necessary to come into any browser of images (for example, IrfanView), or the graphics editor (Paint or Photoshop), or even Word. Then it is necessary to click "insert" and save in the necessary format.

2. It is possible to create the original avatar by means of the professional Adobe Photoshop graphics editor. In spite of the fact that the editor possesses a set of opportunities only for connoisseurs, he quite gives in also to beginners. The program has the mass of styles, fonts, tones, etc. If in a standard view them is for you insufficiently, then it is always possible to download a set of additional options from the websites devoted to this subject. Also for beginners it is possible in addition to beautiful images, but only with a background and an inscription, to study on the Internet to more serious lessons. The websites with lessons, the programs training to different cunnings there is a lot of (for example,

3. The image animation is also rather popular. It is possible to create the similar image by means of the unpretentious Easy GIF Animator Pro program. The program initially has several standard options of animation for one image. Therefore before creating the animation on personnel separately, it is possible to check possible versions of the program. But if standard options of animation do not arrange, that is an opportunity from several images to create any, with fine tuning (time, quality, etc.)

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team