How to make a declaration of love to the girl on the Internet

How to make a declaration of love to the girl on the Internet

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Psychologists claim that the modern person lacks full communication, often accusing of it a world wide web. However it not only not an obstacle, and one more way to make people is closer. There are many ways to use it for the good, for example - to make a declaration of love to the girl.


1. Send it an e-mail. The epistolary genre does not give in for a long time and is good the fact that it strains an object of your tender feelings less than others. The letter can be read at any moment convenient to the girl, and does not force it to react immediately. Receive the letter - declaration of love – what can be more romantic? Minus this way is that the letter can be shown "on a big secret" top ten girlfriends. Therefore it is necessary to be sure that the girl to whom you write, kind and reasonable. Besides, for minus that you do not see reaction and can expect it very long, and in love it is so hard to wait.

2. Let's say you decided to send after all the e-mail - as it is better to construct the letter that it impressed the girl? Make it in three parts - the introduction, the main part and the conclusion even if each of them will include only one offer. So information is perceived better. Secondly, the letter should not be banal, that is state thoughts unusually, at all do not use ready recognitions from the websites of the Internet. Thirdly, surely sign by a real name and a surname, it will prove your self-confidence and the girl.

3. Send recognition in ICQ or in other instant messenger. Plus – it is easier, than by phone, and you receive instant reaction. Minus is that the history of messages can be shown to girlfriends too. If all of you decided, make the confession by unusual and do not go too far in smilies. Also you should not try to obtain from the girl of information on whether she loves you. On the contrary, begin better with the fact that you do not require from it the answer, and you just deeply and selflessly love, just for the fact that it exists in the world.

4. Make a declaration of love in video Skype or other similar program. Very probably on real life, but after all you are separated by distance, and it does communication by easier. Minus is that there is here no time to deliberate and polish formulations. Plus – you see the girl and her reactions and to girlfriends everything can be retold only in words. If you found in yourself courage to admit quite so, prepare flowers and candles as though you have the real romantic date. In advance consider the monologue, however to train at a mirror for hours not the best way. And still - do not drink alcohol for courage, it will be noticeable and will spoil an impression. Try to make a date right after recognition personally to tell it the main words.

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