How to make a digital library

How to make a digital library

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Bothered you from morning to the night to sit in library in search of the desirable book? Defend huge queues in shops to receive the treasured printing edition? Or days without a break to look for at itself on the computer the necessary document? Means, time to create the library, but not ordinary house, but electronic came.

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1. To create own digital library, it is necessary to carry out the following sequence of actions. First, you should transfer all available documents, books, images to an electronic form for what it is possible to use the different printing equipment and the distinguishing systems. For example, it can be the flat or planetary bed scanner, photo and video cameras, the other equipment intended directly for digitization of editions of printing type.

2. Secondly, you should decide on the format of data which will be provided in your private library. It can be HTML, XML, PDF, TIFF, JPEG, TXT and others. The main thing what you should pay attention when choosing any given format to, is a convenience of information representation and simplicity of work with it. And if all this is, then the rest, as they say, will be attached.

3. Thirdly, you should select and download the pleasant program for storage, structuring and management of the digitized literature from the Internet. Among them there are a file manager, the program cataloguer and an electronic and library system.

4. From the above-mentioned library software you can stop the choice on such programs as:

- "All My Books" is a book cataloguer which will allow you to sort the electronic collection and, respectively, to keep its account;

- "ResCarta" is the electronic and library system intended for creation of the libraries and directories consisting of books, documents and photos, and having Internet access;

- "Myhomelib" is the free application systematizing in itself all books from Internet libraries and allowing to download them even in offline mode.

5. In addition library software you can find a set of other programs in network for every taste and color. However at their choice it is necessary to be guided by convenience of information representation and simplicity of its use.

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