How to make a flash for the website

How to make a flash for the website

Bright colourful welcome screens and slideshow will perfectly fit into design of any website. Flash movies are convenient for viewing various information, the presentations, selections of interesting photos. Especially as to make them in the presence of special programs absolutely simply.

It is required to you

  • - photos for a roller;
  • - musical file;
  • - the Photo Flash Maker Professional program installed on the computer.


1. For creation of a flash movie which can be used further as the independent file and for its adding on the website use the Photo Flash Maker Professional program.

2. Start the application and in the left corner of the toolbar select the section "File" and pass to the option "Create the Project of a Slideshow". It is also possible to open the new project clicking of the keyboard Ctrl+N keys.

3. The section "Photo" allows to add to the draft of the image, located on the computer or removable mediums. Click on the CTRL and P keyboard and specify the location of pictures, necessary for work, in the opened window. Select the folder with images and, having clicked the CTRL key, note the necessary photos. Then in a working window click located "Add" below, allowing to add the selected images. Also the program supports an opportunity to include in the project at once all pictures from the folder. For this purpose click "Add Everything" or use the Ctrl+F keyboard shortcut.

4. For change of pictures in the section "Photo" select the Transitions item and note necessary. Here you can specify duration of each transition and time of demonstration of the image.

5. Then open the section "Music" and add the sound file. For this purpose select it from the depths of the computer or extract from a sound compact disk.

6. In the section "Subject" select design from the list of the offered subjects for yours a flash. Here you can specify also other parameters of a roller: frame rate, transition duration, background color, time of demonstration of a background, autoplayback at start, auto-repeat at the termination, demonstration of control buttons of a slideshow, adding of URL to the photo, continuation of playing of a roller after click.

7. When all necessary changes are made to the project, pass into the section "Publication" or "Save" and select a format of saving the file necessary to you: create only the Flash-file which you will be able to send by e-mail or to send it to own website, to create a demo or gift CD/DVD and also to create the Flash-file and to send it to Go2Album. In this case you will be able to place a roller in the blog and on services of social networks.

8. Then specify file output parameters, click "Publish" and wait for the end of process.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team