How to make a payment

How to make a payment

One of the most perfect payment service providers is making the WebMoney Transfer electronic payment systems today. Its popularity is explained by multifunctionality and the implemented high degree of protection. World recognition of a system, including in bank structures, does her by perfect payment service provider at the moment. Conveniences of payment through WebMoney Transfer are obvious. Design of payment for services or goods happens all in a couple of minutes online.

It is required to you

  • Installed WebMoney Keeper Classic and the sum on the electronic account


1. Start the WebMoney Keeper Classic application. Be authorized in payment service provider. Define in what currency you need to make a payment. On your account sufficient electronic means in the corresponding units should be WebMoney.

2. Open a tab in the My WebMoney application. In a window available functions for work and carrying out payments will be displayed. Click a mouse on the link for payment of the necessary service.

3. In the following window specify the company which the payment intends. Further to you universal service of account replenishment will open. Enter the protected website WebMoney zone for write-off of money. For this purpose you will click the button "Enter!" and enter the protective security code into the opened window.

4. The system will carry out authentication and will display a window of filling of the payment order. Specify attributes of the payment, the sum for transfer and electronic currency for payment. Click on the Pay button.

5. Wait until there takes place information exchange with the system server. Then WebMoney Transfer will provide you for check the entered data. Attentively browse purpose of payment, the company of the recipient and the transferred amount. If everything is correct, again undergo protection of a system in the same window above in the described way.

6. WebMoney Transfer will display the payment receipt with the set conditions. Here it is possible to change a purse for payment. Make a payment, having clicked "I Confirm Payment". Operation is completed, the service or goods are paid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team