How to make a reference in blogs

How to make a reference in blogs

Links in the blog, except standard copying of the address from an address bar, can have the most various appearance, including can hide even in points and spaces. For such design you need to issue links by means of HTML tags.


1. The simplest way of execution of the link: <href= "" PAGE ADDRESS""> your text </a>. In this case it will be encrypted in the text of the link, and the address will not be visible.

2. At such design: <a href= "" the PAGE ADDRESS of"" target= "" _blank""> the text </a> - the link hidden in the text will open in a new window.

3. You can add the comment on the link which will be opened in a new window. In that case execution of the link will have the following appearance: <href= "" title= "" PAGE ADDRESS of"" target= "" _blank"" your comment""> text </a>

4. That the picture became the link, use such code: <href= "" PAGE ADDRESS"" target= _ blank title= "" explanatory text""> <img src= "" URL of the picture""> </a>. When aiming at it there will be an explanatory text, and a link will be opened in a new window.

5. You can give the reference not only to the website, but also to the postal address. In that case use the code: <href=mailto: mail address> to Write me e-mail </a>. As a result after clicking the link the email client configured at the visitor of the page by default will open, and your postal address will be specified in the Address field. By clicking with the right mouse button your reader will be able to copy your email and to write through other mail service.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team