How to make a rocket in minecraft

How to make a rocket in minecraft

The rocket in Minecraft — absolutely nonfunctional thing, however, it brings to players a lot of joy. In fact, it represents fireworks which creation is fascinating process.

Pyrotechnic explosions in minecraft

Each rocket consists of the sheet of paper, gunpowder and special asterisks which are used only for creation of a rocket. Paper can be received from a sugar cane, gunpowder — from kriper, and for creation of the simplest asterisks you need the same gunpowder and dye. The simplest rocket gathers on a workbench. For this purpose it is necessary to place in the central vertical gunpowder, paper and an asterisk (from below-up).

Rockets can freely fly by via glass blocks and panels.


The sugar cane grows on coast of reservoirs. It is quite simple to find it, traveling along the bed of the river or examining the next lakes. Reed — the plant height in three blocks, at its production is desirable "to remove" only the top blocks, so after a while from lower there will be new sprouts. To make paper, it is necessary to fill on a workbench the central horizontal with the got reed. From three units of this plant three sheets of paper turn out.

Gunpowder can be used in a zelyevareniye.


Gunpowder is extracted from kriper. These are dangerous green creations which move almost silently. They blow up, having approached the player. On "charging" they need couple of seconds during which it is possible to hear silent hissing. The player can endure one detonation of a kriper without armor at full health, but two exploded monsters practically with guarantee will destroy it. If to kill a kriper before explosion, gunpowder can drop out of it. Therefore it is necessary to hunt these monsters with onions which allow to destroy green monsters from decent distance. It is desirable to stand on the height as at a difference in height in three blocks between the player and the monster the last will not be able to explode at the same time.

Gunpowder — a rare and valuable resource as hunting for kriper is rather dangerous. And alternative ways of its production are unreliable. It can be received at murder of gast in the Lower world, but they often fly over lakes of a lava so after destruction of these creations all useful materials which dropped out of them just burn down. Gunpowder can be extracted, killing witches. But they are found only on swamps, besides are thrown by dangerous potions.

Small asterisk - impressive effect

Asterisks are created from unit of gunpowder and dye. Dyes can be received from flowers, plants, minerals and some animals. They can be mixed for receiving interesting color combinations. The simplest asterisk consists of one gunpowder and one dye. However, it is possible to use several flowers and additional modifiers which influence a final form of fireworks. The feather and some other objects act as modifiers diamond, svetopyl.

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