How to make an empty nickname

How to make an empty nickname

If you like to communicate in chats and at forums, often leave comments in guest books, for certain more than once saw the messages left by unnamed users. How such accounts are created?


1. Register on a free hosting of It is the simplest in use and available option. If desired you can use also other hosting.

2. Open the Notepad text editor and copy in it the following record:
This character invisible)))

In this example the hyphen acts as an invisible character. You can use also other characters or words.

3. Save the text document on your computer.

4. Load the document on the ftp-server of your domain.

5. Open the received page. Instead of a hyphen you will see a blank line. Now select and copy all page in "Notepad", the hyphen will become visible again.

6. Copy a hyphen or your invisible characters from "Notepad" in the field for input of a nickname or the message.

7. You can use already ready empty character. Follow the link and also copy the page in "Notepad".

8. Check works or not your invisible character you can right now, for example, on the website of VKontakte. For this purpose in the field for input of the comment copy an invisible character from "Notepad", and now send your message. It should be empty. Now try to send the empty comment, without adding of a character. At you it will not turn out.

9. Very often empty nickname in a chat, at a forum, in the guest book is created for the purpose of communication without restrictions. It is impossible to delete or block such user therefore he has an opportunity with impunity to violate the rules existing on the website, for example, to send spam or to offend other users. Of course, empty characters are applied also in the good purposes. For example, the similar cunning is quite often used by webmasters when do not know how to make at once many indents in page HTML code. Also invisible nickname can be useful if you want to joke of friends in ICQ. Using the method described above, you can write also invisible messages.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team