How to make an order form for the website

How to make an order form for the website

Placement of a form of the order on the website is very effective. With such form the visitors should not wait for approach of the working day to buy goods or to order services. Besides, if data from a form are sent by e-mail, it is not required to write a script for data processing of the order on the server. It is possible to create an order form for the website, using a markup language of HTML (HyperText Markup Language).


1. Start the text editor and create the new page. Place the cursor between the <body> tags, in that place of the page where it is necessary to arrange a form.

2. Enter the opening tag <form> with the method attribute equal ""post"". Besides, add the action attribute consisting of ""mailto"" and addresses e-mail to which results of filling of a form will come. For example:
<form method= "" post"" action= ""mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."">

3. Enter the name of an element of a form, for example, "Your name".

4. Type the <input> tag and enter type= "" text"" in the tag for creation of a text box. Enter the name attribute and assign any value at your choice for identification of this information when it goes to you. At last, the value of the value attribute, such as "Enter the name", will show the hint to users when filling a certain part of a form. For example:
<input type= "" text"" name= "" customer_name"" of value= "" enter the name""/>

5. Repeat process from a step 4, but this time enter type= "" radio"" to create the button which the visitor clicks to select between two options. Besides, add the corresponding value attributes. For example, so:
<input type= "" radio"" name= "" cash" of" value= "" cash""/> (Cash payment)
<input type= "" radio"" name= "" cc" of" value= "" creditcard""/> (Payment by the credit card)

6. Enter other <input> element and install type equal ""checkbox"" to give to users an opportunity to note more than one option in the form of the order. For an example:
<input type= "" checkbox"" name= "" contact_me" of" value= "" contact""/> (Contact me when the order is sent)
<input type= "" checkbox"" name= "" send_newsletter" of" value= "" newsletter""/> (To subscribe to newsletter)

7. Create the Send button, having typed the <input> and type tag equal ""submit"", assign to value Send value. Besides, in other <input> tag make the Reset button, having installed type equal ""reset"", and value respectively "Reset". For example, so:
<"" to Send input type= "" submit to value= """"/>
<input type= "" reset"" value= "" Reset""/>
The Send button is intended for sending data, and the Reset button - for cleaning of a form if it is required.

8. Enter the closing tag </form> to finish a form. Save the page.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team