How to make authorization

How to make authorization

Any e-mail is configured only on the owner. To prove that you have the right to use this resource, it is necessary to undergo authorization. Process this rather simple, though in it there are failures.

It is required to you

  • Computer, Internet.


1. Enter on the website of your e-mail. If you are already the owner of a mailbox, then enter the login and the password and after that successfully undergo authorization. In other words, you confirm the right for communication. Having undergone authorization, you get access to the box and all related services. On such portals as Yandex, Google and Mail after authorization you can not only receive and send letters, but also communicate on local social networks, use Internet money or play online games. That is you are given an opportunity to undergo the procedure of authorization only once, but not for each service separately.

2. If you have no mailbox, then and authorization is unavailable to you. Undergo process of registration in the selected mail system. For this purpose think up the original login, the password, fill all necessary fields of the questionnaire which to you is offered by a mail service and become the full owner of an e-mail. The login and the password need to be remembered or written in the reliable place because they will be necessary for you for further authorization.

3. If you enter the login and the password, and authorization does not happen, check keyboard operation modes. You could click accidentally Caps Lock or use not that input language. If with the modes everything is all right, repeat a set of the login and password with all attention. Perhaps, for the first time you accidentally clicked not that key or selected not that line from a drop-down list. For example, the Mail mailbox offers several mailboxes - on,,, If you did not pay attention to it and clicked ""input"" at the wrong type of a box, authorization will not happen.

4. If you several times repeated the input, correct from your point of view, but authorization did not happen, you need to contact for password recovery or the login. As to make it, the support desk of your mailbox will prompt. As a rule, information which will help to restore access to a box is sent to that address that you specified at registration or for your mobile phone.

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