How to make design for the website

How to make design for the website

The first impression – decisive! This statement is right also for the websites. How to make design for the website "clinging", intriguing and to receive even more regular customers? When choosing design color and style, structure of the website (page), navigation are most important.


1. Use one color gamma and one style for all pages of the website. It will give it connectivity, will make the website integral and easy for perception. Use the most popular fonts and safe colors that all information was correctly displayed on screens of users. Select headings, paragraphs, keywords in the text. Visitors, as a rule, view the page fluently. Make so that to an eye was for what "be hooked".

2. A website cap - the first that is seen by the visitor, opening the page. Place in it the name of the website, a slogan, a contact information. It is also possible to use a cap for the through menu of the website. Structure information (content). Select main and minor on the website. Place the main content on the homepage. Less significant content – on the second and subsequent pages. Make design for the website such that any information could be obtained in 2-3 cliques. The menu should be through, visible on each page in the same place. It will make navigation on the website simple and convenient.

3. For the corporate website attributes are obligatory: logo, slogan, corporate color. The website should be issued in uniform corporate style. The website business card, as a rule, has one page. Obligatory sections are: information on product/service and contact information. Do not overload the website with excess information. Place one big image and a minimum of the text better.

4. At design of the website portal pay the main attention to columns of news: them should be much, accompany them with illustrations, make the bright "shouting" headings. Include necessary and useful information: weather, exchange rates. "Fasten" a forum and a bulletin board to the portal. Add the ""running"" line with the freshest information. If you create online store, make design for the website with emphasis on goods. It is more than good illustrations, the flash images – all this will draw attention of potential buyers. The form for registration should be in a visible place.

5. The easiest way make design for the website – to use ready templates. But also in this case follow the above-stated recommendations, you make changes to templates, adjust them to yourself.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team