How to make free of charge the server

Any gamer has sooner or later a desire to create own server of the game on which anyone could make that he wants. Besides the game server at competent marketing and advertizing can make quite big profit. The most popular is creation of Lineage of 2 servers.

It is required to you

  • - Java machine,
  • - MySQL server,
  • - Navicat,
  • - package of the Lineage 2 server.


1. For the Lineage installation for a start on a system it is necessary to install 2 servers Java and MySQL because the majority of assemblies use this sheaf. Java possesses big tools for work with network while MySQL is considered one of the most convenient DBMS.
For the Java installation it is necessary just to install the relevant library which is supplied with an installer. It is possible to download it from the official site of the Sun.MySQL company it is also supplied with the convenient installer, will be to select a directory of placement of a DB enough. The utility of a configuration which is started after installation is of bigger interest. Once Standard Configuration selects, to install as Windows Service. Then it is necessary to specify the password for the superuser. Further it will be required to specify the password for connection to a DB which is better for remembering as it will be required for installation of the server.

2. The next stage – the Navicat installation (the tool for work with MySQL). Its work requires the license, installation is carried out by means of a normal installer. After installation it will be necessary to start the created Navicat for MySQL icon. To create new connection it is necessary to enter the corresponding menu item (File – New connection). In the field of Connection Name the name of the server fits in, a host it is possible to leave localhost. As the login root, the same password is used that it was specified at the MySQL.Zatem installation on the created connection it is necessary to click with the right mouse button and to select "New Database". It will create a new DB. It is desirable to call by her same name, as well as the server.

3. Further it is necessary to unpack the downloaded ready Lineage server in a certain folder where it also will be located (for example, the Server folder in disk C root:). Then files and scripts of the program (for exact editing it is necessary to read the readme file) are configured. In archive, executable files, having started which (after the corresponding setup), as a rule, are presented, the server becomes available for a game.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team