How to make Internet broadcasting

How to make Internet broadcasting

The modern world dazzles with various events. To be wide awake and also to transfer it in real time to the friends, it is enough to organize Internet broadcasting. For this purpose it is necessary it will be connected to the fast Internet and to register in some services.

It is required to you

  • - fast Internet connection;
  • - webcam.


1. Register, having created an e-mail on a mail service of For this purpose specify the personal data, interests and to load an avatar. Pass to the homepage of the project and click the link "Video" (on the left side). In the opened page click on "Create video broadcasting". The new window shows the image from your webcam (do not forget it to include). Having made sure that the picture is well displayed by the camera, click on "Begin broadcasting". From this point Internet broadcasting began with your webcam. Under video the link to broadcasting so you can share the creation with friends is located (looks here so:

2. It is possible to create broadcastings and on on a video hosting of (by analogy it is possible to make also on Register on the website and come under the login and the password. Click on the link "Create Broadcasting". Select a type of broadcasting: either temporary, or constant program transmission channel. Here it is important to be defined in purpose of your videos. At temporary broadcasting the record will be removed at once after end, the constant channel assumes storage of video broadcasting with the address to her at any time.

3. It is also quite simple to organize Internet broadcastings by means of the free Webcam Plus program! Lite. For this purpose download it at this link, having pressed the corresponding button. Install it on the computer. Make sure that the help information and qedit.dll library are provided in a setup package. Also for functioning it is necessary to install programs Microsoft DirectX. It is possible to download this package at the link

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