How to make internet connection sharing in network

How to make internet connection sharing in network

If houses or at office are a computer network, then for ensuring Internet connection it is optional to establish connection for each of them. The Widows XP operating system allows all computers of network to organize internet connection sharing, and connection is carried out on one of them.


1. Configure two network connections on the computer via which an output in a virtual area network, for the organization of the general access will be carried out. The first is configured when the network interface card is connected. It connects other PCs of a local area network with machine. The second connects the Internet with a local area network by means of the modem.

2. If the dialing at connections of a local area network suddenly is required, then check opposite "Install a call on demand". Pass into group under the name "Connection of a Home Network" and select in the section "General Access to Connection of the Internet" the network interface card for connection of a local area network.

3. Now configure computers of network for work with the general access. Open the Internet Explorer browser, then - a window under the name "Internet Options". Further turn into "Connections" and check near the inscription "Never to Use". Then click "LAN Setup" and remove all ticks a settings window.

4. If you have wireless devices, then can buy the Wi-Fi-adapter. This device is not the router or the router. Wi-Fi-adapters are divided into two categories on a connector type: PCI and USB. It is easier to connect the first type, but the second is in the system unit, and it gives it protection. Buy the Wi-Fi-adapter with function which can create wireless access point. Then connect it to your PC. Install the software and all necessary drivers. All this should be on sale together with the device in a set.

5. Create access point. Enter its password and the name. Surely implement the last clause. Otherwise everyone will be connected to your access point, and it will lead to noticeable reduction of speed of the Internet and to dissemination of your personal confidential information.

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