How to make many friends of VKontakte

How to make many friends of VKontakte

For users of social network VKontakte the issue of accumulation of number of friends is topical. A certain percent of people uses the page for promotion of information on own business, for example, it is quite often possible to meet accounts by means of which sale of goods or services is made. Rather often pages which are focused on advertizing of any organization, the website or community VKontakte catch sight.

Ways of increase in number of the list of friends on the page of VKontakte

Experienced users of the Internet already invented many ways of increase in number of friends on the page on the most popular social network. VKontakte is a huge number of groups which and are called "Add as a friend". It is possible to find similar publics, it is enough to use the column "search of communities" at the top of the page. All participants of such communities are integrated by the similar purpose – to increase the number of real people in friends and subscribers therefore nobody will begin to be indignant in comments on the record "you are knocked, I will add all". Thus, having entered several such "highly specialized" publics and regularly placing on their walls zazyvaniye about adding, it is possible to increase the number of subscribers on the page.

In addition to confirm incoming requests, you can add a friend myself, but at the moment there is a limit per day you can make an offer of friendship only fifty users.


One more of ways to increase the number of friends of VKontakte is to use special programs which guarantee wrapping of friends on this social network. The only minus – their use is not free, but also it will not demand big money. It is possible to download such programs as Wmmail, Viking-studio, Likest, Vkbot. The principle of their work is quite simple, it consists in exchange of familiar people between users or adding in friends as execution of the tasks provided for those who use such program.

Besides, now on open spaces of VKontakte network there are a lot of already untwisted pages which will be able to make to you a public relations and advertizing.

Services these accounts by posting entries on other pages, pay, payment is reproduced on the e-wallets, and you can pay votes, or gifts.


Recommendations about maintenance of the status of the page on social network

In order that the page made success in social network and was in full view of other users, it is necessary to be the active user of VKontakte: consist in many groups (it is the best of all to be in number of the most popular), to comment on records and to participate in discussions, to load a photo and video, to click "likes", to communicate in private messages. Own page should look most authentically and inspire trust, for this purpose it is necessary to fill out in detail all graphs of information on itself, to select the most attractive photos for an avatar, to regularly update them and also to systematically place interesting records on a wall.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team