How to make popular the server

How to make popular the server

Most of players come sooner or later to desire to have an own game server. The market of offers in this case is very big, and the only question which remains after the server was bought or leased - it is as to untwist it. There are several simple techniques to attract as much as possible players on the server and if to follow them, in short terms you will have a full load of the server.


1. First of all upon purchase of the server take care of that the ping of the server was as little as possible. Most of players when choosing the server put sorting according to a ping as the it is less, the game will be more comfortable for them.

2. In rare slucha, only if it is necessary or the specific fan introduces, allow existence of special sounds and models. Each additional file other than standard, beginning from a plug-in and finishing with a game soundtrack, increases time which the player spends on loading of a game. Remember that players appreciate time and comfort therefore add plug-ins and audio only if they really it stand.

3. Create the website on a free hosting and group on social network. Upload screenshots and video of record of fans of a game, record of a demo video from games and the championships on your game. Make your server interesting.

4. Make the team of administrators and carefully filter the server regarding cheaters - players who violate rules or use bugs and chit-commands. Initially you can involve administrators free of charge, and in several months after opening of the server start collection of payment for the rights of the administrator.

5. Advertize the server at the forums devoted to your game and on other servers. Be not afraid sometimes even to send spam - the players are learned about your server more, the more will come to play them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team