How to make quick links

How to make quick links

For quite some time now Yandex Company entered new technology "Quick links" into own search engine. Quick links represent a line from links to sections of the website which are considered as the main or are headings on the homepage of the website.

It is required to you

  • Own website.


1. Quick links are a source of additional traffic for your website. After adding of some sections in category of "quick links" in search of Yandex under the link to your website with its description the number of references will appear. As an example it is possible to use the same website and to enter it into a search line (it is so possible to check implementation of this innovation). After clicking the ENTER key you will see search results.

2. Pay attention to the first point among results — under heading and the short description of the website you will see several links to official groups of Yandex on social networks. It is also technology of "quick links". That in search delivery the same links became available for your website, it is rather correct to place sections and as appropriate to mark them. The search robot after check of all website will collect information on sections which are available on the homepage and will transfer them to Yandex for forming of "quick links".

3. As this service just gains steam, it is necessary to build a logical chain of the prepared materials on the website. You need to differentiate accurately content which units will be in the sections. Articles which are not in certain sections can complicate to hit of your child in category of the websites with "quick links".

4. It is recommended to correct names of pages and further to create short and capacious headings as the place for links in a search string is not much. During creation of material be guided by an insert of qualitative images at which all tags, including values of the alt attribute will be registered. One more condition of adding by the search robot of the required references in search delivery is existence of identical words in page heading, in the text in the H1 and title tags.

5. If desired excess links can be excluded from delivery completely. For this purpose pass to the page of the project "Yandex. The webmaster" also left-click under the section "Quick links". Here you can select one or several links, then to click "Delete".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team