How to make registration of users on the website

How to make registration of users on the website

Registration is necessary to open certain content for limited number of users, to control comments of spammers, to give the chance to make purchases in online store. Registration on the website can be created, having skills of programming or having used the ready code.


1. Registration creation mechanism manually for php. Make the registration form on the homepage (index.php) by means of html markup language. Put the link to php the page with data of registration (for example, under the name registration.php). Having clicked "Register", the user will get on this page where it should enter the forms given in the fields. The login, the password, the e-mail address will go to the processor created for php. After processing they will be entered in the database, and registration will be complete.

2. The encrypted password should be stored in the mysql database. Create the new table in the database, for example, under the name usersdata (data of users). Create the bd.php file by means of which there will be a connection to the database. Communication with this file needs to be registered on pages before code html.

3. Make on the homepage (and the others) an input form, with fields for input of the login and the password. When the user enters data and will click "Enter", this information will be sent to the login.php file for processing and check. If everything is entered correctly, she will register in cookie. Or the session will be started, and data will be stored in the browser to an output or before closing of the browser. The exit.php file will be responsible for the user's output from the website. When clicking the Output button the session will stop, or cookie will be erased.

4. If you are not strong in language skills of programming and a marking yet, everything that it is necessary for you - it is to get the ready code and to place it where it is necessary. You can take or use somewhere it a form designer, such as service. In this case skills of programming are not required. Register, create a form with fields necessary to you, give them desirable names, configure them to the taste. Issue appearance (design) of a form by means of the Widgets module. Service itself will generate the code of a form, copy it on the necessary web page.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team