"How to make so that in VK it was not visible that you online"

"How to make so that in VK it was not visible that you online"

At present there are many ways to make so that in VK it was not visible that you online. It is enough to use some cunnings initially available to users of VKontakte or to install special applications with the corresponding functionality.


1. An opportunity to make so that in VK it was not visible that you online, are available as on computers, and mobile devices. In the first case pass into the menu of your browser and open a search tab and loadings of plug-ins. Enter the word of VK, VK or VKontakte in a search string and look at results. Today there are enough plug-ins opening the hidden opportunities of social network including regime of the invisible being.

2. Install one of the programs allowing to be invisible VKontakte on the computer. One of the best is VkLife as she uses the special script hiding actions of the user on the page. At the same time it is necessary to remember that over time some applications can cease to work as the administration of VK gradually closes "holes" in the internal code.

3. Hide that you online of VKontakte the mobile applications developed for devices on the basis of Google Android and Apple iOS allow. Pass into Play Market or AppStore and use search by already known keywords with the name of social network to find the program with the necessary functionality. The most known - Vfeed (VK Feed). Nevertheless, the applications allowing to sit of VK in regime of the invisible being, quite often are removed from the list available, however the administration of social network has no anything against messengers. It mini-applications with only one opportunity - to communicate with users from the list of friends. At the same time on the homepage of a profile there will be no mark "online".

4. To hide itself VKontakte, it is enough to visit any page and to wait several minutes, without making any actions. It is previously possible to open, for example, a video or to put the song on playing, to come into a dialog, etc. If after that you do not touch a mouse and the keyboard any more, then the system will consider that you not online, and it is already enough that nobody distracted at this moment.

5. If you want you to be not visible VK online for any certain users, it is the simplest to add them to the black list in privacy settings. You completely will limit to it their opportunities and if they try to visit your page, then will not see anything except the reduced photo. Besides, there is always an opportunity to register the additional page of VKontakte on other sim card quietly to be engaged in any affairs unknown to the users who are in the list of friends on the main profile.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team