"How to make so that the password was not highlighted"

"How to make so that the password was not highlighted"

The majority of the websites in network offers the user, having once entered the credentials necessary for an input on the page, to remember them, using special function of autosave. However this option not always takes place. In particular, when several people use one computer.

It is required to you

  • - registration in e-mail or on any website;
  • - Internet access.


1. It is convenient enter the profile without the need for constant introduction of the login and the password, but it is unsafe. Therefore in case to the computer strangers have access, it is the most convenient to refuse the opportunity of automatic saving credentials offered by Internet resources.

2. It is possible to select this function at any time. Even if earlier you used this option. For this purpose it is enough to visit the homepage of the website, social network or a mail service and to disconnect a possibility of saving the password.

3. In e-mail it is possible to refuse automatic storing, even without coming into the e-mail. Open the home page of the mailer used by you and in a window where it is required to enter the login and the password, leave empty the Save the Password point. Also you can visit the Setup menu where you will need to select the section "Safety" and in parameters to enable the ban of saving the login. This step - one of important. Knowing the login and the answer to a control question, the malefactor will be able to change the password without problems. And it, in turn, will threaten safety and confidentiality of the data which are available in your mailbox.

4. At possible access to the computer of other persons it is undesirable to save the password and on social networks. Refuse this convenient, but it is not always also possible for function, safe for your account, from the homepage. Enter the credentials in the special fields and before entering on the website, leave empty a window near which the inscription "Remember the Password" or "Save the Password" is located.

5. The majority of browsers at introduction of the login, password also suggests to remember them. If you do not need automatic storing of data, refuse this function. It is also possible to set the necessary parameters, having come into the Setup menu of the observer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team