How to make starting the page on the Internet

How to make starting the page on the Internet

Using various browsers for connection with the Internet, we often select sooner or later one or several pages which we visit most often. Therefore it is expedient to make the most visited page starting.

It becomes normal such page the website on which you have a mailbox – many people begin net surfing with check of mail. How make this page your home page the page selected by you? There are several main ways which are applied depending on the browser used by you.


It is possible to make the page starting through the menu of settings. For this purpose it is necessary to open the Control panel menu, to select the Network and Connection to the Internet or Settings of Connection to the Internet item. In the appeared Properties — the Internet context menu it is necessary to select the General tab and to enter the required Internet address into a window, having clicked "Apply" after that.


In the Opera browser it is necessary to come into the Tools menu and to select the Setup item then in the opened window to select category "Main" and to indicate in the At Start point on the need of start from the home page (having entered at the same time the required Internet address).


In the Safari browser in the Editing menu we select the Setup item, the Main bookmark. In the In New Windows to Open point it should be noted "Home page" and to enter the selected address.


If you prefer to use the Google Chrome browser, it is necessary to select the Parameters item, and in the opened window to select the Main bookmark. The Homepage point is noted by the circle "Open This Page" and we register the required address.


For the Mozilla Firefox browser in the Tools menu we select "Settings", then the Main bookmark. After that in the At Start point we select "Show the home page" and we enter the selected Internet address into a line.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team