How to make structure

How to make structure

During creation of own website first of all everyone tries to pay attention to its content, that is the substantial party. Undoubtedly, the quality of materials of an information resource is of great importance. But also the formality of the website, its structure will define also in many respects convenience of acquaintance with contents. And the structure of the website is also important for search engine optimization. How to make structure of the website optimum?


1. Begin development with creation of an inner pattern of the website. It will be defined by what information you intend to place on it. Define what sections will be included by your website to what smaller subsections it will break up. In other words, make structure of a tree of the website.

2. For an example consider an order of creation of structure of the home page. As a rule, such page contains the story about itself, photos, contact information (e-mail, Skype and so on). Such basic elements will be included by an inner pattern of the page. If desired you can expand it, having broken each partition into smaller thematic subsections. Include in structure the Guest book and the section my Creativity (if your activity is connected with creativity).

3. You pass to development of external structure of the website. It is understood as a relative positioning of basic elements on each page. Decide where banners (if they are provided), counters of attendance, the menu of the website, a search window, announcements about updates and new sections will be located. Allocate the central place on the page to the main contents of the page for the sake of which the website is created. In the beginning draw the layout chart of elements on the normal sheet of paper to get an idea of future configuration of elements.

4. If you experience difficulties with determination of external structure of the website, study several resources with similar subject and select the option which is the most suitable for you, having taken it as a basis. When choosing you recognize that the main goal of external structure is to provide to visitors of a resource convenience and ease in orientation on the website.

5. Creating structure of the website, you aspire to that in it there were no pages below the third level. It will allow to reduce total number of folders and characters in the page address. The last condition influences indexing of pages search robots. If in the address of the page several words are used, separate them by means of a dash.

6. Use the same template during creation of all pages of the website. It will allow to make structure of your website recognizable for visitors and to you will begin to use the website more simply.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team