"How to make that in ""Schoolmates"" there were many comments"

"How to make that in ""Schoolmates"" there were many comments"

If the user of the website "Schoolmates" wants to involve as much as possible commentators on the personal page or on the page of the group created by it (the second case it is normal more relevant), you should not look for difficult and syllogisms for this purpose. Councils for increase in number of comments are simple and logical.

How to make many comments on the personal page

Participants of social network usually comment on those posts which attracted some interest of them: video, photo, text messages, musical files, etc. Respectively, that to the ordinary user - "schoolmate" to involve more commentators on the page, he needs to implement two clauses:

1. Make as much as possible friends on social network. Virtual friends see all news of each other in the news feeds. Or it is necessary to visit specially a page of a profile of some participant of social network to see all its "gestures" on the website.


2. Spread whenever possible interesting content drawing attention: rare photopersonnel, good movies, substantial text posts, etc.

Of course, interestingness of content is defined by target audience and if at the user most of friends on the website "Schoolmates" are far from the world of art, hardly they will evaluate and will want to comment on the publication in which the author tells about the future chamber concert of the famous cellist, the new arthouse movie or great art installation. If the author wants its notes on the website to be commented, it is necessary to base on the interests of the friends.

If the user of "Schoolmates" wants to involve as much as possible commentators on the page, he also should not do the profile unavailable to viewing users of social network not of the list of friends.

Problem usually that one user can have friends with various hobbies and interests. Very difficult happens to understand what publications will be attractive to such speckled group.

How to make many comments in group on "Schoolmates"

It is a little simpler to guess the interests of audience of the public page or group, in "Schoolmates". Usually participants of one group are already integrated by some general interest. For example, group about Thailand, iPhones, electronic music, literature, etc.

Timeliness, relevance and interesting submission of publications – here three major factors of involvement of commentators on public, or group, pages of social network.

That to moderators and administrators of such groups to involve as much as possible commentators, it is necessary only to be able to work with information, it is correct to present it and to publish in due time. So, in the group devoted to fans of rock group, for certain many comments will attract the photoreport from the last concert, etc.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team