How to make the backup copy of the website

How to make the backup copy of the website

Backup will allow to save the website from any surprises. Many owners of the websites get used that their resource runs smoothly, and cease to create its backups. Emergence on the server of serious failure – for example, in case of fire, can lead to the fact that all data will be irrevocably lost.


1. If smooth operation of the website is necessary, you do not want to lose it as a result of some annoying randomness, take care of timely creation of backup copies. Depending on the refresh rate of pages of the website, it is necessary to perform this procedure once a day or at least once in a week. If the website is updated seldom, then it is necessary to create a backup after each update.

2. To create the backup copy of the website, enter the control panel of the account on the hoster website. Find the section "Management of BACKUP". It is quite possible that at you it will be called differently therefore look for the word BACKUP or any mentions of backup.

3. Having found the necessary section, open it, you will see the folder list. Find among them the folder with your website, select it. In a line end or in the menu of the control panel there has to be a button of creation of a backup, click it.

4. In the appeared window information on saving parameters will be displayed, study them. It is not necessary to change anything usually therefore agree with them. Process of creation of the backup copy will begin, it can take several minutes, the exact time depends on the website size. After the end of copying look at folders in the control panel – the file of a backup of the website should appear.

5. If you have a simple website without databases, creation of the backup copy is finished. If there are databases, they need to be saved too. Start the utility of work with a DB, PhpMyadmin most often is for this purpose used. Find the Export tab, select the necessary database. Check the Save as the File menu, then click Apprx. the Database it will be saved.

6. Surely copy both files to yourself on the computer. In addition save them on any external media, it will allow to increase reliability of storage considerably. Do not forget to update regularly backup copies their fresh versions. Considering that databases usually contain confidential information, take care of that nobody the stranger had access to files of a backup.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team