How to make the beautiful page of VKontakte

How to make the beautiful page of VKontakte

The website of VKontakte became very popular. Often users of this social network want to change a type of a page, to make design the most beautiful and attractive to people. Try to make also you the beautiful page on this website.


1. Create a beautiful avatar. It is possible to be photographed against the background of the nature and to process the image the photoshop a little. Or contact the professional photographer. He will make a qualitative and beautiful photo.

2. Select an attractive subject for the page. That thought up much, you need to use only one of them. On this website there is a group where professional programmers or just fans spread new themes of pages. Type in the search box the word "design". Consider screenshots of different subjects: anime, music, love.

3. Look what browser you use. It is the program for browsing the Web. The most widespread browsers - Opera and Internet Explorer. If you installed the Opera, copy the text of the table located under the image of a subject. Further insert it into a notepad. Save the document. Then it is necessary to check settings of your browser. In the Modes of Representations point there is a My Stylesheet parameter, there should be a tick.

4. Come on your web page of VKontakte. Right-click on a background and select item on change of settings of a node. On the Display tab press "Overview". Find the file which was saved, further click OK.

5. Configure an attractive type of the web page, using Internet Explorer. Installation is carried out as well as in the Opera, only after saving it is necessary to open the Design settings and further "Make out, using the user style". In "Overview" find the saved document with your subject and select it.

6. Visit the site Install the program offered on it. On this resource it is possible to select beautiful design for the page of VKontakte. Under the pleasant subject click "Install". Having visited the service, you will see the happened changes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team