How to make the blinking banner

How to make the blinking banner

The animated banner – one of fixed assets of advance of Internet advertizing. In most cases banners are posted on the websites of the third-party companies, when clicking them the transition to the advertized resource is implemented. Production of the simple blinking banner consisting of three-four frames takes several minutes.

It is required to you

  • - install the Adobe Photoshop program on the computer.


1. Create the new document of the set width and height (File-New) in Adobe Photoshop. The banners having the following sizes in pixels are most widespread: 468x60, 125x125, 120x90, 100x100, 120x60, 88x31. Install in the Width and Height fields of value 100. Open in Adobe Photoshop any picture, for example, an avatar, and copy its image on your document. Thus, the first shot of your banner is created.

2. Having keyed together Ctrl and J, create the second layer of your document. Include display of the second layer and turn off display of the first clicking of an eye opposite to the corresponding layer. Click a key shortcut of Ctrl and L and, moving a romper suit, darken the second layer.

3. Create the animated picture from the received two frames. For this purpose open an animation window (Window-Animation). In it all your image consisting of two frames which will match the darkened shot will be highlighted completely. Install for it demonstration time, for example, of 0.5 pages. By means of "eye" select the first layer and disconnect the second. Click Duplicates selected frames on the Animation (Frames) tab. The second shot will appear in an animation window. Select for it time of demonstration of 0.2 pages.

4. Save the received file in the GIF format (File-Save for Web and Devices …). Select necessary values from the Preset list for image quality definition. Consider that in mode No Dither the image is given softness in indistinct lines.

5. Check how your banner blinks when clicking the Play Animation button. If necessary before saving the animation picture adjust time of demonstration of each shot.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team