How to make the bookshelf in Maynkraft

How to make the bookshelf in Maynkraft

The bookshelf — the decorative block in the game Minecraft, in itself it does not perform useful functions, but in combination with a table of a zacharovyvaniye allows to increase the available level of the imposed charms.

Extraction of ingredients

The bookshelf or bookcase consists of six units of boards and three books. On their workbench it is necessary to arrange as follows: fill with boards the top and lower horizontals, and books — average.

The tree is one of the most widespread resources in a game. Boards can be made of wood of any tree. It is the simplest to extract it the axe from any available material. To make the axe, arrange in a workbench grid two sticks in two lower cells of the central vertical, and three blocks of boards (cobble-stones, iron ingots and so on) fill one of the upper corners. Wood is extracted by the axe much quicker, than hands or any other tool.


It is a little more difficult to make books. Any book consists of three sheets of paper and unit of skin. Paper needs to be made of reed. This plant can be found height in three blocks on coast of reservoirs. It can grow both on the earth, and on sand if in a cage in the neighbourhood there is water. If you found reed near the house, do not touch the lower block of a plant as new sprouts will grow from it over time.

If reed is not enough, seat it on the coast of a reservoir. Paper can be necessary for you not only for creation of bookcases, but also for obtaining the local map or craft of fireworks. For creation of three sheets of paper fill with reed the central horizontal on a workbench.

Where to take skin for books?

Skin — quite rare resource. It is possible to receive it after murder of a cow. Cows are friendly creations which it is possible to find on plains, the jungle and in general in any area where there are grass blocks. Blocks of a grass call blocks of the earth or dirt with a green surface. Usually cows roam groups from 4 to 12 pieces. It is possible to kill them with hands or any tool, most quicker to make it any sword. About 2 units of skin can drop out of one cow.

If you want to make many bookcases, it will be reasonable to bring cows to the house and to make a farm for their cultivation, especially if you already equipped the constant dwelling. It is possible to make it by means of wheat gripped or by means of a lead. It can be made of threads and slime, for this purpose place slime unit in the central cell of a workbench, arrange three units of threads so that to fill the upper left corner, and put one thread in the right extreme.

Unfortunately, slime — very rare resource if you do not have it, use wheat. By the way, it is necessary for reproduction of cows, holding it in hand, it is necessary to click with the right mouse button two animals, over them hearts will appear, they will come nearer to each other, and the calf will appear after a while. For achievement of an adult status it needs 20 minutes of real time.

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