How to make the browser by default

How to make the browser by default

Several years ago only web designers and maker-ups of models used a large number of browsers, the product created by them had to look equally each browser. But now practically each user installs several Internet observers since each of them in something is good.

It is required to you

  • Installation of the browser by default.


1. As a practice, among the majority of the used browsers shows, the user wants to make one the most important, having exposed him as the main program among similar. This operation can be made not only by means of the specific browser, but also when editing the list of programs to which labels "By default" are assigned.

2. Click the Start menu and select the Control panel item. Further double click on the Installation and Removal of Programs icon. In the opened window go to the Choice of Programs by Default tab.

3. After that in the right part of a window activate the section "Other" and select the browser suitable you from the offered options. For saving the results of the made actions click "OK" in the lower part of a window.

4. Opera. For this browser click the top Tools menu and select the Setup item, then pass to In the addition tab. In the left part select the subsection "Programs", in the right part give a mark opposite to the Check that Opera — the Browser by Default point.

5. Further click "Settings" and in the opened window give marks opposite to the points http, https, ftp, mailto, etc. Click "OK".

6. Mozilla Firefox. Here it is necessary to click the top Setup menu and to select the Setup item. In the opened window pass to In the addition tab and in the attachment click "General" "Check now" and to answer the arrived question positively, having clicked "Yes".

7. Internet Explorer. Click the menu "Service" and select the Internet Options item. Then pass to the Programs tab and press the Use by Default button.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team