How to make the description of the website

How to make the description of the website

Desire to open the website quite naturally for the regular user of the Internet. If you already decided on subject, then at first before starting its designing, you need to make its description. To be exact – to write the specification which you then will give to the developer company.

It is required to you

  • You will need to define precisely a subject of the website, its purpose, a task, services and services.


1. The very first and most important paragraph of the description – definition of a subject and problem of your website. All other development of the specification depends on it. You not only should imagine clearly what should be your resource and as it will work, but also accurately to explain it to your developer. Otherwise, he just will not be able to execute your wishes fully. It is not necessary expect that the professional and knows everything. Yes, he knows much, but has no telepathic abilities, and will not be able to understand without explanations what specifically you want.

2. Target audience. In detail describe for what age, social, solvent group your resource will work. Whether there will be it teenagers, intellectuals, businessmen, pensioners, women, men and so on. It will affect design of the website, its functionality and services.

3. Functional requirements. Requirements are two types - functional and not functional (special). It is better to paint functional requirements in the form of specific examples, so it will be simpler to your developer to understand you. And as for special – discuss with him a possibility of carrying out on the website of competitions, mailings, subscriptions, special actions. Perhaps, your developer will advise you to enter additional functions.

4. Standards. Concerning this section of the description of the website it is better for you to consult to the developer. But if you have knowledge of programming, list in it standards which should be in technical structure of your website.

5. System requirements. This point means transfer of requirements to the operating system, memory, fault tolerance.

6. Attendance. This point requires the description of number of users which will be able to work at the same time at your website and also transfer of tools by means of which website performance will be made.

7. Safety. Pay to this section special attention. Depends on it, how steadily and your resource will work without loss. Paint in it ways of data encryption, their storage and transfer.

8. Design. Describe the wishes to appearance of the website, its color gamma, style.

9. You described primary partitions of your website, it is possible to transfer them to the developer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team