How to make the helicopter in minecraft

How to make the helicopter in minecraft

Many "maynkrafter" at some point of a successful gameplay begin to dream of expansion of borders of valid actions. They often think of that not only to extract valuable materials, to enter a fight with monsters, to build different constructions, to arrange farms, but also, for example, to rise up over the possession by with own hand skrafchenny plane or the helicopter.

It is required to you

  • - special modes
  • - workbench
  • - iron ingots
  • - iron blocks
  • - boards


1. If you are eager to build the similar flying machine, you will not manage to carry out it without special spendthrifts. Enjoy wide popularity among gamers a little from them - in particular, MC Heli and THX Helicopter. Select that modification that to liking personally to you, and download from any "Maynkraft" of the Internet resource devoted to different plug-ins an installer on it. Move after downloading contents of its archive to the mods folder of the Minecraft Forge. Enjoy new opportunities of a gameplay.

2. Start a game and move off in searches of resources for a krafting. When to you attracted MC Heli more and you proinstallirovat it, three options of helicopters will be available to you: EC-665 Tiger, AH-6 and AH-64 of Apache. For creation of the first and third versions of the flying machines you will need only iron blocks, and for the second - also ingots of the same metal (they turn out when roasting in the furnace). For AH-6 krafting you will need to place four pieces of the last in the central cells of the top and lower ranks of a workbench and in extreme slots of an average. The iron block will go to the center. The helicopter is ready!

3. Creation of AH-64 looks even more simply. Place five iron blocks on a workbench in chessboard order so that its central slot and four cells on diagonal from it was occupied. EC-665 kraftitsya from the same material, but it is a little differently. Fill with iron blocks those cells which in a case with AH-64 remained with you empty.

4. Manage the movement of your flying machine keys, standard for "Maynkraft", - W, A, S and D. For its hangup in air click a space. Button X (X) switches types of weapon by means of which it is possible to fire at neighborhoods and to destroy hostile mob. Clicking of C you activate the mode of night vision. When want to go out of the helicopter, land and click the left Shift.

5. Having installed THX Helicopter modes, you will add only one type of such aircraft to a game. However it has less opportunities, and for a krafting you will need even more plain materials – normal boards (in number of six pieces), and from any breed of a tree. Place their blocks on a workbench so: completely occupy with them all lower row, two extreme cells of an average and central - top. If you perform similar operations in the creative mode, at you not the helicopter, but certain "egg" by means of which you can create at least dozen such machines will turn out.

6. Get into the aircraft, having clicked it with the right mouse button. Rise on it up, holding a space, and go down, having clamped X (X). Carry out advance, back, to the right and to the left as well as in mode MC Heli (W, A, S and D). You will be able to shoot at moba, right-clicking. If you want to destroy in addition firm blocks, select its left button - it activates more powerful shells. For an output from the helicopter when it landed, click Y. The same button catapults you if you click it when the machine stays in air.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team