How to make the interactive website

How to make the interactive website

To create the interactive websites, the web designer should not only know the HTML and PERL languages and programming essentials, but also to have a certain artistic flair. In spite of the fact that today there is a set of opportunities for their creation, it is always better to make the website most.


1. Describe in the form all elements of the interface and specify path to the executed program. If you are at a loss with it so far, use one of archives of ready scripts. After that va it will be necessary only to place correctly in the form elements and to specify parameters for each script.

2. Take care of administration of the website. You can use for this purpose third-party programs or if you store data in server base, to use, for example, MS Access. Pages which can be stored in text files usually contain only the information about the owner of the website, handbook data or fragments of pages (server inclusions).

3. Enter access isolation to the website that the registered visitors who are not belonging to group of administrators could only browse pages necessary to them and if it is meant, to introduce any insignificant amendments, to participate in polls, to place declarations, articles, etc.

4. Provide a possibility of an input on the website for the registered and non-authorized users. Introduce restrictions on access if your website has any limit of resources or if information placed on it does not intend for the general viewing. The same treats also the closed websites (access to which is allowed only with the consent of the administrator).

5. Provide also an output from the website that system resources of the website were not overloaded. For this purpose the giperssyk can insert or to create the special page.

6. Register the domain and order a hosting. Receive the DNS addresses of servers and prescribe in them to a domain setup panel. Install CMS WordPress (control panel of content of the website).

7. Order or write articles for filling of the website content or an ozdayta the directory. Pick up pictures (if it is necessary) and load them by means of CMS WordPress.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team