How to make the Internet network

How to make the Internet network

For a long time it is difficult to provide the house in which there is a computer without Internet access. Modern providers provide us rather wide choice of data plans among which everyone can find to itself(himself) suitable option. But what to do if computers in the house a little? Connect the separate account for each device and pay for it – occupation troublesome and costly.

It is required to you

  • router
  • network cables


1. For creation of the network Internet you need the router or the router. When choosing this device, pay attention to the maximum number of the devices connected to it. I.e. if you need to connect 4 computers in network, then the number of LAN ports should not be less than 4.

2. Insert a cable the Internet of connection into WAN (Internet) port of your router or router. Open its settings and find the Internet connection setup point. Fill fields thus as it is required by your provider. You can look at options and examples at official forums of providers. Surely allow computers of a local area network Internet access.

3. Connect each computer or the laptop on which you plan to distribute the Internet to the router by means of the network cable. For this purpose use LAN ports.

4. Open settings of network connection on each computer. Find the Internet Protocol of TCP/IP point. In its properties it is necessary to fill all fields. Specify any IP address different from the router address by the last digit. Lines "The preferred DNS server" and "The main gateway" need to be filled with the router IP address

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