How to make the Internet of TV

How to make the Internet of TV

The Internet television became already almost same widespread, as well as television satellite. In addition it is unlike more convenient than the last – it is not necessary to call the master for connection of the bulky antenna. It is quite simple to connect Internet TV, and the license fee decreased to quite reasonable prices for a long time.


1. If you are already connected to the Internet, find out whether your provider provides similar services. If is not present, contact for service of connection to television other provider. If yes, that you need only to find out conditions of connection of service and to buy a prefix decoder. So, let us assume, that your provider can provide you viewing digital television channels.

2. Find out all conditions of connection from the operator, and it is the best of all – visit the website of the provider and having attentively studied the available rates, select that most of which meets your requirements. In a personal account or at office of provider issue the contract for rendering the corresponding services. After connection of service the notification from provider in whom number and the activation code of service will be registered will come to your personal account.

3. You can get a prefix (decoder) for viewing digital television in specialized shop or directly from provider. If you are not sure that Internet TV will be pleasant to you, you can lease the decoder – many suppliers of such television provide this service now. If you do not have enough means for purchase of a prefix, take it by installments. The similar way of acquisition of the decoder now too, as a rule, is possible. Connect the decoder to the home TV and the modem. At the first inclusion you should enter into the special dialog box number and the activation code sent you together with confirmation of connection of service. At connection of service or after installation of a prefix do not forget to select that package of channels which will be interesting to you. Now providers provide very wide choice of both channels, and options of their set.

4. Do not forget to fill up in time personal account that the service was activated and you could watch Internet TV. In case of any malfunctions or problems with connection safely you call in support desk of your provider.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team