How to make the Internet on mobile quicker

How to make the Internet on mobile quicker

The majority of cell phones and smartphones, now in use, support such function as the mobile Internet. With its help you can browse web pages — as adapted for viewing on the mobile phone, and simple. For increase in speed of loading of pages and also for reduction of volume of traffic, you can use one of several ways.


1. The easiest way is setup of the browser which is available on your phone by default. A page weight basis at its loading pictures and also flash and java, as a rule, occupy elements. Turn off their loading in settings of the browser then the weight of the page will decrease almost half, also time of its loading for display on your phone respectively will decrease.

2. You can also use the Opera Mini browser. Undoubted plus of this application is an opportunity to browse any Internet pages, except the pages containing the music and videos intended for listening or viewing online. It is also possible to refer support of practically all phones and smartphones existing at the moment to pluses. At its use the web pages at first pass through the proxy server where they contract, losing flesh to ninety percent, and only after that is redirected on your cellular. At the expense of it traffic is saved and load time decreases. For use of this browser you will need to make a number of actions.

3. For loading of the web browser pass to the address After that click in the Browsers menu and select "Opera for phones" from a drop-down list. After that press the Zagruzkit Opera for Phones and Tablets button. In the opened window click on "Select the version" in the section "Installation by means of the PC". Select the version of Opera suitable to your phone model from the list. If you doubt or do not know for sure what model is necessary to you, contact technical support of the browser. Download the file, the link to which will appear after the choice of the version of Opera. This way is the most convenient as you will be able to avoid costs of traffic which could be spent for surfing on the website and also for loading of the application.

4. Connect phone to the computer. You can make it with the help date cable, infrared port or bluetooth connection. The simplest and fast is synchronization by means of bluetooth therefore we will consider use of this way. Activate bluetooth connection on the mobile phone and include visibility of the device then start search of devices on the computer. Select the downloaded application then send it to phone and wait for an out-time. If you downloaded jar and jad files, you will be able to use the application right after completion of transfer, otherwise it will be required to install it on the mobile phone.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team