How to make the machine in Minecraft

How to make the machine in Minecraft

One of the major the gamer's tasks in "Maynkraft" - creation of the different objects necessary in a gameplay: instruments of labor, weapon, armor, etc. Without them it is even impossible to survive in this game - there will be nothing to defend from monsters and to get valuable resources. The Krafting of any available objects in each specific version of Minecraft is impossible without special machine - a workbench.

It is required to you

  • - tree
  • - craft grid in stock
  • - special modes


1. Where you played, in a singlpleyer, on a local area network or on the server, on specially downloaded card or in classical Maynkrafta, one of your foremost tasks there will be a creation of a workbench. At its absence you even or a sword will not be able to manufacture the wooden axe for extraction of different necessary materials. The machine so necessary for you is made of the available and found actually anywhere resource - a tree.

2. When to you the suitable source of wood occurs in the path (at least in the form of a lonely tree), safely cut it more. Do not destroy at the same time at once all krone - saplings, and sometimes and apples drop out of it (they will be useful to you when you get hungry). Plant dropnuvshy small trees to the soil regularly to have wood - it is very running ingredient in a krafting, especially at the beginning, yet you in stock have no iron and other materials yet. You will be able to cut trees even with hands, it becomes pretty fast.

3. Turn at first wooden blocks into boards. For this purpose use the kraftingovy grid two on two which is available in stock. From one cube of a tree, having installed it in any slot, you receive four blocks of boards. Also use them for creation of the machine. Occupy by them all cells of a craft grid, and you will need only to take away a ready workbench. Put it on the earth in that place where it will be convenient to you to them to use.

4. Create by means of such machine any necessary things in a game for which you only have resources. At the beginning you hold recipes of a krafting near at hand, yet do not remember at least the main of them. Decompose ingredients in a workbench grid from nine slots exactly as it is specified in the instruction for production of the corresponding subject (however, there are rare exceptions when several options of arrangement of prescription components are allowed). If you have to distribute on slots the same materials in a large number - for creation of several identical things, clamp a left mouse button. Then resources will be located in a workbench grid evenly.

5. At a game with use of certain spendthrifts special machines can be necessary for you. For example, in Bibliocraft to you there will be available a recipe of a krafting of the printing mechanism for release of books. For its creation place in the lower number of a normal workbench three iron blocks, in the central slot - the iron weighted pressure plate, over it - an ifritovy rod, and on each side from it - two wooden plates. Occupy the remained two cells with iron ingots.

6. If you play with very technological spendthrift of GregTech, use recipes of creation of different machines there. For example, assembly by means of which you will connect and disconnect components of different objects. For its creation you will need special resources, and some of them are got and kraftitsya only in above-mentioned to mode. Take four electrical circuitries and place them on workbench corners. In an average cell of the top row put the piston (normal or sticky), under it - the pipeline module, and take the remained places three plates from steel, simple or corrosion-proof.

7. Without having in stock of metal plates, you always receive them in the presence of the special listogibochny machine. Skraftte of its of available resources and mechanisms in GregTech. Put in angular cells of a workbench four normal or sticky pistons, in central - the pipeline module, from it on each side - two simple or automatic compressors, and in the remained slots - to steam of electrical circuitries. When at you it is also included RailCraft modes, on such machine you will be able to create also different types of rails according to special recipes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team