How to make the maximum speed of the Internet

How to make the maximum speed of the Internet

At setup of the personal computer it is necessary to pay attention not only to ensuring maximum capacity, but also to parameters of connection with the Internet. Often its incorrect setup leads to strong falling of data transmission rate.

It is required to you

  • Advanced System Care.


1. Begin with banal reset of the computer. It is necessary for cleaning of temporary files which are created in operating time of intrenet-browsers. Now open the My Computer menu and pass to properties of that local disk on which the operating system is installed. Click "Cleaning of a Disk".

2. Wait for creation of the file list which can be deleted from the selected local disk. This process can take several minutes. In the opened menu surely select the Temporary Files from the Internet point, having installed near it a tick. Click Ok and select the Delete Files item.

3. Disconnect the programs which are not used at present and some services. Begin with the uTorrent, Download Master and Skype utilities. Pay special attention to the first program. It is better not to leave it to work without emergency at all. This utility actively works with an Internet channel and the hard drive that can lead to decline in production of the PC.

4. Download the Advanced System Care program. It is better to execute loading from the official site of It will save you from risk of loading of virus files. Install the utility and reboot.

5. Open the Advanced System Care program and pass into the Utilities menu. Click an icon "The Internet the assistant". After opening of a window of this utility activate the Avtooptimization point. Click "Forward".

6. Move the slider so that he pointed to the connection speed stated by your provider. Click "Optimization". Wait until the utility executes necessary manipulations. Reboot.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team