How to make the page standard

How to make the page standard

Users of VKontakte social network for certain often thought of how to change design, rather cloyed. However if you changed design, and then decided to return to a standard type of the page, here it is possible to meet some difficulties. Remember as it is possible to return standard design of the page then not to walk twice into a same water.


1. Remember how you installed additional themes of the website of social network. It could be addition under the name Stylish if you use the Mozilla Firefox browser. In that case it is possible to return a standard view to a page by full removal of this plug-in.

2. Select in the browser in the menu the Tools item, click the Setup point, and then – on the Additions point. Find Stylish in the list of plug-ins, click it with the left mouse button once. There will be buttons "Delete" and "Disconnect" – select the necessary button, then click on "Ok". Now it is necessary to update VKontakte and to make sure that the page returned to a standard view.

3. If you use the Internet Explorer browser, come for return to a standard type of the website of VKontakte to the menu "Service", or Tools, then select "Internet Options", or Internet Options. Then pass to the General tab, then select Accessibility then deselect a checkbox opposite to the line "Make Out, Using the User Style", or Format documents using my style sheet. Press the Apply button then close the menu.

4. In a case with the Opera browser it is necessary to come into the View menu, to select the Setup item then to deselect a checkbox from the Switch Off Stylization of Forms point. Delete also path to files with the css extension (files of style) to delete also settings of the subject selected earlier. Press the Ok button, then update VKontakte.

5. If the subject did not change, pass to the website of VKontakte (in the same browser – Opera), click with the right mouse button any the place of the website then select "Settings of the website". Select the View tab there, then deselect all checkboxes.

6. Just in case, change the password from the VKontakte page after return to a standard subject. Quite often programs which expand possibilities of the user on work with this website steal the user passwords, other personal information. Programs which give the chance to send photos to a wall of friends, to download video and music, to change design mean.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team