How to make the personal diary

How to make the personal diary

Paper diaries lost relevance for a long time: it is much more reliable to store personal thoughts and experiences under the password on the protected blogging platform, than in a notebook, and nobody superfluous will read what you want to hide. All the readers can describe events about which you want to tell all in paints and details. If you want to create the personal blog, just select the platform on which it will be located.


1. Popular blogging platforms are LiveJournal, Дайри.ру, Я.ру, Blogs on Мейл.ру, Layvinternet, Blogspot and others. The most popular services are listed on the page according to the link below. All of them are equally convenient in use. Select that platform which is pleasant to you more in the subjective plan.

2. Register the account on the platform. As a name and the login it is better to use the name of future blog.

3. Enter settingsprofileinformation on yourself and on the blog into . Describe questions which you will answer, and subjects which you want to light. Tell in brief about what was already reached in subject of the blog.

4. Configure design of the blog, selecting arrangement and forms of blocks, fonts and colors, other details.

5. Create the first post. Write a little about yourself. Begin to state a blog subject. For ornament use HTML tags: change of a form, color and font size, insert of pictures and links, animation and other decorative elements. Your personal diary is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team