How to make the Roman digits

How to make the Roman digits

The Arab recording system of numbers by right is considered the most convenient: it originally was created not just for designation of number of units and numbers, and in the scientific purposes. Compactness of record – the main difference of the Arab digits from other systems based on record of numbers by letters of the native alphabet, in particular, of the Roman numbers.


1. Switch keyboard layout to English. The Roman digits are printed by letters which are provided to English language and are borrowed from the latin alphabet. If desired click the CAPS LOCK key, but you can replace this key with short-term clicking of Shift – all digits are designated by capital letters.

2. Remember the main numbers on which it is possible to orient at record of rissky digits. Unit is designated by letter I (English "Ouch", Latin "And"). The five – letter V (Vee or "Ve").
10 – X ("Ex-" or "X")
50 – L
100 – With
500 – D
1000 – M
5000 - ↁ
10000 - ↂ.

3. At number designation smaller (on one unit, ten, one hundred, one thousand) to the left of bigger digit the corresponding letter is written: IX = 9, CD = 400, etc.

4. The number exceeding in volume one of presented in the table, is designated by the corresponding number of units, dozens, hundreds or thousands to the right of the basic. Example: MMXX = 2020, MC = 2100.

5. The general rule of record of large numbers corresponds to the Arab system: at first thousands, then hundreds, dozens and units. The number designating a difference between the available number and a character is written in smaller numbers more to the left of a bigger discharge: MMXIX = 2019.

6. The full list of numbers to one thousand is specified illustrations. Proceeding from it, you can continue the account to five and ten thousand.

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