How to make the server for MTA

How to make the server for MTA

MTA, or Multi Theft Auto, is one of popular network games in which users resist each other. Features of the software allow to create own server for a game in the local area network or on the Internet.

It is required to you

  • - installation Multi Theft Auto program.


1. Download the latest version of the MTA program, for this purpose pass to the website of vendor of a game and select the option Download. Having downloaded the installer, start it. Select the folder for installation, click Install. Then the server will be installed, and it is required to be configured correctly.

2. The Multi Theft Auto server can be configured through a console window, directly from a game, and via the browser. That these options were available, it is necessary to add to the configuration file at least one administrator. For its adding enter the addaccount ""name"" ""password"" command into a server window. For example, when adding by the administrator of the user Ivan and a task to it password pass12345 the command will have an appearance of addaccount Ivan pass12345. The server will give the report that the administrator is added. After that switch off the server the shutdown command.

3. Make sure that the server is switched off. It can be done, having looked at the current processes in a window of "Task manager". Open the text editor the mods/deathmatch/acl.xml file and add the account to the Admin group as it is made in the given example:
<group name= "" Admin"">
<acl name= "" Admin""/>
<object name= "" user.Ivan""/>

4. In the same way you can add any number of administrators and users on the server. All main settings of the server are in the mods/deathmatch/mtaserver.conf file. As it is the simple text file, it it is possible to govern in the normal Notepad program. Each variable in the file has the description of the assignment and data on its change.

5. If necessary you can update server resources, for this purpose place archive or just the folder with scripts (both options are valid) in a directory of SERVER\mods\deathmatch\resources. After that execute the refresh command, it will scan the folder of resources and will update them if it is required. The same command is used also after removal of resources: having deleted unnecessary files, give the refresh command for update of a configuration. You can start resources the start resourcename command in the console of the server and stop them the stop resourcename command.

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