How to make the smilies in Skype

How to make the smilies in Skype

The smilie was invented about fifteen years ago. Since then the combination from a colon and a closing parenthesis underwent significant changes and expansions: On each website and almost in each program for designation of mood various animated and static pictures designated by different codings are used. Skype – not an exception.


1. Start the program. Enter the login and the password for an entrance to the user's office. Smilies are available only to authorized users of Skype. At the same time use of smilies in this program is absolutely free.

2. Wait for loading of the contact list. Select any of them, having double clicked the left mouse button. Wait for opening of a window of negotiations.

3. Pay attention in the field for input of messages. Over the field for the text there is a panel with three or more functions noted by words and characters: smiling face, Send the File and Additions menu. You need the first function noted by the image of a smiling face. Click on it.

4. The menu with the complete list of free smilies opens. Select from the list of smilies what approaches on a situation, for example an ordinary smile. After mouse click it instantly will appear in the data entry field of the message in the form of the animated picture.

5. Instead of the picture you can use the code. It is displayed at guidance of the cursor on an icon. The line with the name of an icon ("I dance", "Angry", "Heart") and the code is below, at the level of the panel with commands. It is impossible to copy it directly from this area. Remember and print manually. For convenience remember that in the majority of codes the names or the first letters of names of the designated objects concluded in double brackets are used. When entering the code in the field the picture is not displayed. The smilie will completely be issued only after sending and delivery to your interlocutor. Codes of the most popular smilies (smile, grief) do not differ from standard: a colon and a bracket (without dash between them). In other cases at first view the code, then or use it, or just click on the animated smilie.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team